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October 13-15, 2017 | iHOPE Hackathon

Innovating Homeless Outreach Projects for Empowerment

The iHope Hackathon is a weekend-long innovation competition to design and build technology tools that respond to specific community needs related to homelessness. The competition will increase awareness of homelessness-related topics and incentivize the creation of new technologies to help homeless advocates address the issue in new ways. Teams of 2-5 will form and compete over the weekend for a chance to win cash prizes.

This event is organized in collaboration with Stewards Inc..

About the KIT Community

Supporting and Promoting Innovation in Kern County

KIT Community is a local community organization building a tech community in Kern County. We are the "Bakersfield Sound" of technology, creating opportunity through innovation. KIT was founded in February 2016 in Bakersfield by entrepreneur Alyssa Haerle, who dreamed the dream of all the tech entrepreneurs in town...that some day our tech ecosystem would be thriving and able to provide opportunities for local talent who otherwise leave.

This community supports and promote innovation and technology in Kern County in a movement led by entrepreneurs. We will build an active, prosperous tech and innovation community in Kern County. We will also develop a trained and experienced core of technology talent in Kern County that can stay and thrive.

If you agree, follow the fox to a future where Kern County comes to mean innovation and promise to anyone who asks.

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We offer a variety of events that range from socially minded technology competitions, educational workshops, collaborative meetups, and networking opportunities.

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KIT is a project of Social and Environment Entrepreneurs

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