Tech Fighting the Wildfires

Innovations that help the community

Technology Fighting the Wildfires (Tech FTW) is an innovation competition to develop the best technology tool to help with wildfire response and victim assistance in Kern County that responds to specific needs of the affected communities and those trying to help them.

The Erskine and Deer fires recently have greatly affected our communities and caused many residents to suddenly find themselves without a home and in need of help. This competition is open to all professions and experience levels; the only requirement is compassion. Teams will be formed at the event Friday night and work out innovations throughout the weekend. MESH Cowork will be available for teams to work.

Teams will be judged on how well the technology tool fits a community need and how well the prototype for the technology tool is built.

THEMES: wildfire response, victim assistance, disaster relief

PRIZE: Winning teams win a trophy and half of raffle ticket sales.

This event is sponsored by these local businesses and organizations: KIT Community, the All for One Movement, Mershon Enterprises, ARRC Technology, MESH Cowork, Creative Cowork, Ponce de Leon Enterprises, Mantis Energy Drink, and IDI-Tech. Interested in volunteering for or sponsoring this event? Let us know at

For more information on how you can help those affected by the Erskine Fire, please visit the All for One Movement Organization website at All paid ticket proceeds will go towards food, refreshments, and organization. The other half of raffle proceeds will go to the All For One Movement to aid in their efforts to help victims of the Erskine Fire.

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KIT Community was started in Bakersfield by entrepreneur Alyssa Haerle, who dreamed the dream of all the tech entrepreneurs in town...that some day our tech ecosystem would be thriving and able to provide opportunities for local talent who otherwise leave.

This community seeks to support and promote innovation and technology in Kern County in a movement led by entrepreneurs.

If you agree, follow the fox to a future where Kern County comes to mean innovation and promise to anyone who asks.

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